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Solar Life – LED Lights Bundaberg specialise in residential, commercial and wholesale LED lights in Bundaberg. In LED lights, the lighting is created by a smart silicon semi-conductor which glows when electricity goes through it without the need for extra heat.

LED lights are very energy-efficient – is this true?

Yes. LED lights require very little electricity to power them up because they are highly efficient. Their design converts about 90% of the electricity they consume into light. Our Solar Life down LED lights, for example, draw 6 Watts of electricity to light up, compared to the 30 Watts drawn by traditional halogen down lights. That is a huge saving in electricity consumption of about 80%! This is very attractive when the cost of electricity is constantly rising in Bundaberg

So what’s so good about Solar Life LED lights?

Our LED lights at Solar Life have several advantages over traditional and low-energy lighting. As well as being very energy efficient, our LED lights are suitable for new builds and retro-fit installation in Bundaberg. This means our LED lights can replace your existing lights.

OK – that all sounds good. So how does the light compare?

LED lights gained a reputation a few years ago for having a weak light output which was often blue in appearance. Not any more, and certainly not from Solar Life Bundaberg. We are at the cutting edge of this technology. There are several LED lights in our range which are warm white, simulating the yellow candle light of a halogen lamp.

Is this technology actually good for you?

LED lights from Solar Life Bundaberg don't produce ultra-violet light or any infra-red rays. This makes their impact on both the human eye and on soft furnishings or artwork far less harmful than the heat and light emitted from traditional incandescent or halogen Dichroics lighting.

Products – LED Lights Bundaberg Offer:

  • Residential LED lights
  • Commercial LED lights
  • Clean Energy Council Melbourne
  • All Quality German Built Solar Energy Systems
  • Free Onsite Assessment
  • Get Your Home or Business Off The Grid

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Solar Life are your reliable local LED lights supplier in the Bundaberg area. For more information about our LED lights or other services we offer visit Solar Bundaberg.

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